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Licensing Your Artwork in the Greeting Card Industry


Greeting Card Garage is proud to offer our outstanding artists the highest paid royalty in the industry for licensing their artwork for the Greeting Card Market. For each greeting card that we sell with your artwork on it, you will receive .30 cents per sale.


Furthermore, Greeting Card Garage will protect both the copyright and integrity of your artwork by insuring that our artists always retain both copyright and ownership of their artwork and that your images are used only for the intended purposes you agree to.


Greeting Card Garage understands the importance of residual commissions as a primary source of income for our artists and work hard to market and sell our greeting cards and occasional gift products to a global audience.


For more information regarding a licensing agreement for your artwork with Greeting Card Garage please review our Artist Licensing Agreement and FAQs at the bottom of the home page, or open and print a copy of the Licensing pdf from this page.

 Artists Licensing Agreement Greeting Card Garage


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